6848 N. Government Way #115

Dalton Gardens, ID 83815

(208) 661-0553

Semi - Private 3x/Week $199
Semi - Private 2x/Week $149

Empower Coeur is a private and semi-private boutique personal training studio where you can come get the attention you need and the changes you want in a warm and caring environment. When you are here you will never have to worry about the stress and discomfort of training in a large gym environment. Come see the great changes you can make and results you can get when you work with us!

Empower Training Studio and Boot Camp was established in 2015 and has stuck by its initial vision of being a place for all walks of life to have a fun environment to train, sweat, and get results. After three and a half years, we decided that not everyone would feel comfortable in a larger group environment so Coeur was conceptualized. This is the home for people that prefer a more intimate environment where they can truly focus on their needs and goals and get more individualized attention.

This venture helps add to more of our communities population so that we can help change more lives for the better!

Semi Private training will have a max capacity of 5 clients. There is an open scheduling option with blocks of time open from 530-930am and 330-630pm. 


2X a week - $149 per 4 weeks
3X a week - $199 per 4 weeks
5x a week - $249 per 4 weeks