“I am so grateful to Dave Cannon! Gyms have always been a scary place for me! Other gym memberships were more or less a waste of money because I would panic when I walked in and would briskly walk back out! I felt defeated and stuck! But since chatting with Dave and trusting his guidance (and nutty sense of humor), I am proud to say that I am doing this thing! I am suiting up and showing up to my life! I am off the couch and on the mat! Thanks Dave and Empower Training Studio!”

Lynett K.

“Before Empower I really struggled with overall health and fitness. I couldn't run or keep up with my students, friend's kids, nieces and nephews, climbing stairs or doing anything active such as hiking was a challenge and would really take it out of me. I tried to stay active and managed to still do okay but I would definitely be sore and would be much slower and more out of breath than anyone else with me.  I also definitely struggled with body image and sometime self-esteem. I liked who I was on the inside but not so much on the outside. After having a baby for the first time in my life I also truly struggled with depression. 

It was hard to hang out with my friends and my husband who are all very active people. They like to run 5k's and hike or just do physical labor outdoors. Because I was so out of shape I didn't really find enjoyment doing these things with them. I would try and it would just take it all out of my and make me not want to go again. Plus I was tired all of the time. I mostly wanted to spend my days off at home and on the couch.

Empower Boot Camp is what I've been doing since August 2015. The biggest thing that boot camp has done for me is made me stronger and given me definition I didn't know I could have. My arm strength is probably the most noticeable and I have what I consider to be some excellently tone legs and some bicep and tricep definition in my arms. 

I can't believe the things I'm able to do now and the confidence it's given me. I like the way my body looks, I'm proud of the accomplishments I've made and continue to make, and I've made my family proud. My family is pretty traditional and usually asks the men to do all the heavy lifting usually because the women in my family haven't always made fitness a priority. Because of all my training and the strength I've gained I was constantly being asked to help with all the heavy lifting!! And for probably the first time in my life I was also able to keep up with my friend’s kids. We were walking around the U of I campus and they continually wanted to race. Not only was I able to race a 7 and 9 year old 4 times in the span of about 20 min but I was able to beat them if I wanted to and quickly recover each time so that we could race again. It was the greatest thing ever. By the time they were done I was ready for another race and they were exhausted!! That's never happened. :) I've also been able to work through some of the postpartum depression I suffered after having my son in June 2015. I love coming to Empower every day. The people I meet are so amazing and supportive and I couldn't continue my success without them. Dave is the biggest supporter of them all. He truly cares about each and every one of his clients and helps them on this amazing journey to empowerment and fitness!!!! :) “

Stacey C.

Darci S.



Katrina M. 

Sarah M. 

“I am super thrilled with my results so far!

The pounds might not be shedding off, and I still don't have full mobility in my knees, but I feel lighter. I can stand up straight without feeling like there is an enormous tire around me!

I am so grateful that I took the step in my life. Dave has pushed me in the best way possible!”

“Before I started with Empower Training Studio I struggled with accountability I really didn't push myself hard enough.  I used my past injuries as an excuse why I couldn't do a lot of things. Which made me think I would never get in shape again.

I do the Boot Camp 3 days per week and I feel a lot stronger and like I can do a lot more physically.

I really like the Empower Training Studio because of its small class sizes and there is no judgment if you aren't as good and the person next to you. I also like the gym because our trainer Dave seems to care about all of his clients. “

​“At my age, trying to keep my weight from creeping up and up and up was my biggest frustration........  it really wasn't until I hit about 40 that I had to worry at all.  Bootcamp kicks my bootie and it's a great accountability tool. 

The weight was affecting my self esteem for sure, but simply "eating right" and low level exercise like walking a couple miles or light hiking is not enough anymore!  I've been seeking out something that will make a difference. 

I am just completing my 5th week of boot camp and I feel stronger every week and I am noticing subtle changes in my body shape/weight. 

There are a variety of reasons I love Boot Camp--- the strength and cardio combination is crucial I think.  Everyday it's a combination of it all; everyday I leave boot camp exhausted, sweaty and feeling a little stronger.  Every day is different too!-- I tease Dave about how many ways can we do a plank or a pushup for heaven's sake! But, the variety is good for our body and our mind too.  Never a dull moment.  Dave's enthusiasm, creativity and encouragement is contagious. To balance it out Danielle's yoga class brings a certain calmness and mindfulness to our routine.  It's actually rather addicting; I was gone on a trip for most of a week and missed Bootcamp --- not only did not make any appointments that week, but missed being there and working out!  :-)”